history of black british style

Black Britih Style, Victoria & Albert Museum London, 2004-2005
Black style has dramatically reshaped the visual landscape of Britain over
the past 50 years. Black people are not the only social group to turn heads
on the streets of Britain, but their attention to detail in the art of dressing
has highlighted a variety of style performances among men, women and
children across the country.
The importance of dress has had a huge impact on both the development
of black identities and British culture as a whole. Individuals’ clothes and
accessories, along with iconic garments, outfits styled specifically for
this exhibition, photography and music, provide an insight into black
culture through dress, overturning stereotypes and celebrating the
presence of black people in the UK.
What has come to define ‘black British style’ is the rich creative mix of
reference they have to hand: styles from the African diaspora; English
clothing labels; general cultural influences; historical roots; and the
impact of cultural difference or empathy.
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pic1 notting hill 1960
pic2 notting hill 1966
pic3 london 1970
pic4 london 1970
pic5 london 1987